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Grimsley Family Cemetery

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The Grimesley Family Cemetery is located near the corner of Mulberry Bottom Lane and Saratoga drive between two suburban homes. The Grimesley Family…

Contributors: Teddy Castillo

Nash Family Cemetery


Nash Family Cemetery, located at 2091 Potomac Mills Circle, Woodbridge, Prince William County Virginia. It is located on a hill between Potomac Mills…

Contributors: Brian Higgins

The Day Family Cemetery

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This collection features information collected with regards to the people buried at the Day Family Cemetery. The Day Family Cemetery is located off of…

Contributors: Kristin Mattice

Scott Family Cemetery


Contributors: Marianne Cinalli

Linton Family Cemetery


This cemetery is located in Bristow off Linton Hall Road. This cemetery is very well maintained and is owned by the surrounding neighborhood.

Contributors: Olivia Green

Frying Pan Meeting House Cemetery


A collection of items connected to the Frying Pan Meeting House Cemetery in Herndon, Va

Contributors: Alex Delaney

Laura Ratcliffe-Hanna Cemetery


Chestnut Grove Cemetery (Hutchison Family)


Chestnut Grove Cemetery is located in the Town of Herndon, just past Herndon High School on Dranesville Road. It was founded in 1872 to serve as a new…

Contributors: Michael Williams

Hicks Family Cemetery


The Hicks Family Cemetery, in Arlington County, Virginia, as located between North 22nd Street and Lee Jackson Memorial Highway (Route 29),…

Contributors: Martin Bonica

Compton Family Cemetery

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The Compton Family Cemetery is located on Henderson Road in Clifton Virginia. There are 10 members of the Compton Family buried in this cemetery,…

Contributors: Kara Bowman