Chestnut Grove Cemetery (Hutchison Family)


Chestnut Grove Cemetery is located in the Town of Herndon, just past Herndon High School on Dranesville Road. It was founded in 1872 to serve as a new burial ground for the residents of Herndon and the surrounding area. Perviously, many were buried in an area which is now Dulles Airport, and were reinterred within Chestnut Grove. Until 1997, Chestnut Grove was operated by volunteers, until the Town of Herndon took over the day-to-day operation of the cemetery. Today the cemetery is run by Mike Moore, and contains an abundance of US and world history on its grounds. The workers of Chestnut Grove are looking to associate more than names and dates to the people they care for, but a personal touch for families and friends to remember their loved ones by. This collection focuses on the Hutchison plot, just one of the many family plots at Chestnut Grove.


  • Michael Williams

Items in the Chestnut Grove Cemetery (Hutchison Family) Collection

This is an image of the headstone for Joshua M. Hutchison, a farmer who lived in both Herndon and Sterling. Joshua served as a private in Company G of the 43rd Battalion of the Virginia Cavalry in the Confederacy during the civil war, where he was…

This image is of the headstone of Martha Mankin Hutchison, the wife of Joshua M. Hutchison.

Martha Mankin Hutchison, wife of Joshua M. Hutchison

22 May 1853 to 10 February 1933

"Thy memory shall ever be a guiding star to Heaven."

This headstone is of Silas Hutchison, the son of Joshua and Martha Hutchison. He would be married twice in his life, to Calla Gosnell and after her death he would marry her sister, Lois Gosnell.

Silas F. Hutchison

26 February 1893 to 23…

This is the headstone of George Cuthbert Hutchison. George lived his life in Broad Run, Virginia as a stock dealer in agricultural equipment. He served in the Confederacy in the 35th Virginia Cavalry, which skirmished in Gettysburg and also served in…

This is the headstone of Maria Catherine Hutchison, the wife of George Cuthbert Hutchison.

5 December 1840 to 9 June 1908

"Her children call her blessed"