Laura Ratcliffe-Hanna Cemetery



  • Khaled Noori

Items in the Laura Ratcliffe-Hanna Cemetery Collection

This headstone is in the location of Worldgate Shopping Center in Herndon, VA. It is covered by trees in front of the Marriot Hotel and almost invisible to see by drivers on Centreville Road.

This is one of the historic markers that was dedicated to LRH. This is placed between the grave of LRH and the Marriot Hotel. Marker was set up in 2007.

This is a map of Virginia in 1862. This gives an indication of where railroads were during the time of the Civil War. The Washington and Ohio Railroad went from Alexandria to past Leesburg and it ran through cities such as Dranesville, Thornton,…

This is a portrait of John Singleton Mosby, known as the "Grey Ghost". He was stationed in Northern Virginia during the war and befriended Laura. Laura also served as a spy and reported back to Mosby's cavalry and even once saved him from being…

This is a portrait of Laura Ratcliffe-Hanna. She was a beautiful woman, yet shy, who served the Confederate Army with great dedication. She made an ever lasting impression on J.E.B. Stuart.