Scott Family Cemetery



  • Marianne Cinalli

Items in the Scott Family Cemetery Collection

Richard M. Scott of Bush Hill
departed this life at Bath, Virginia
August 31st 1833
Age 63
Left affectionate wife and two sons
Remains translated from Bath to this place.

Sacred to the memory
Mrs. Mary Scott
the amiable and lamented consort
of Richard Marshall Scott
of Bush Hill,
who departed this life in the 43d year of her age
at Richmond in Virginia
13th of January 1812.
She expired in the arms…

This picture was taken from the Fairfax county website... After I went the cemetery had been drastically improved.

One of the 58 stops on The Alexandria Heritage Trail. This marker shares important and interesting facts about one the Scott family plantations, Bush Hill

Free White Males Under 10: 1
Free White Males 26 to 44: 1
Free White Females 26 to 44: 1
Numbers of Slaves: 28
Number of Household Members Under 16: 1
Number of Household Members Over 25: 2
Number of Household Members: 31