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Davis/Marshall Cemetery - Davis Family

Davis/Marshall Family Cemetery. Davis Family. 

Hicks Family Cemetery

The Hicks Family Cemetery existed roughly between 1912 and 1965 in Arlington County, Virginia; it was located on property owned by William H. Hicks, and later Theodore Hicks, before it was condemned by the State Highway Commission in 1960 to make room for the expansion of Lee Highway (at which point the headstones were reportedly moved to the cemetery of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Herndon, Virginia).

Frying Pan Park Baptist Cemetery

This exhibit features the lives and deaths of 16 residents of Frying Pan Park Baptist Church Cemetery located in Floris, VA.  Included are biibliographies of all 16 people, history about the cemetery and the meeting house/Frying Pan Baptist Church, and a glance into the lives of Fairfax County citizens between 1800 and 1950.


Chapman Family Cemetery

Chapman Family Cemetery, Thoroughfare, Virginia (Bull Run Mountain)