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Jermantown Cemetery

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Cub Run Memorial Garden Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Centreville Virginia on Naylor road.  Located on a large tract of land is over 100 gravestones that include four major families, the Scotts, the Naylors, the Robinsons, and the Harris family.  The family I focused on was the Harris family, an African American family of farmers from Centreville and Manasses Virginia.  Jesse Harris, a freed slave in 1814, acquired farmland along the Centreville/Manassas area in Virginia.  His son Obed and his grandson Anthony Harris eventually bought out land nearby to their father.  The farmland was occupied by Union soldiers according to a war claim made in 1872, and Stonewall Jackson had a hand in destroying some of the family calves and taking hay from the farm.  The reason the Harris family is important is that they were able to prosper and become farmers in America during the pre-Civil War days, a feat that was nearly impossible for colored people.


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Willcoxon-Farr Family

This exhibit explores the Willcoxon-Farr Family Cemetery in Fairfax, Virginia as well as some of the history of their property exchanges in Fairfax County from 1805-1866. The Willcoxons were a distinguished family of Fairfax county. Josiah Willcoxon was a prominent member of the community, and with his son Rezen he built the original home of the Blenheim Estate which eventually burned down but was rebuilt by Rezen's son Albert. The Blenheim main house was occupied by Union soldiers and was used as a hospital during the Civil War. After the Civil War the estate fell into disuse and was sold off piecemeal to sharecroppers.

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