Chestnut Grove Cemetery


Chestnut Grove Cemetery is located on Dranesville Road in Herndon, VA. It has burials over it's 23 ares, including both old and recent. The Presgraves family is just one of the many buried in Chestnut Grove. They were a family of farmers who lived in the Broad Run District of Loudoun County. The Presgraves were members of Cameron Parish in Loudoun. The family is buried in the middle of Chesnut Grove Cemetery. This is their second, and final, burial location. They were moved to accomodate the construction of Washington Dulles International Airport and reinterred at Chestnut Grove.  



Presgraves Family

This section will explore the lives of the Presgraves family, buried at Chesntut Grove Cemetery. 



Dulles Airport

This section provides information on how the land for Dulles Airport was acquired and what the airport construction meant for the people who lived on the land.