Compton Family Cemetery


The Compton Family Cemetery is located on Henderson Road in Clifton Virginia. There are 10 members of the Compton Family buried in this cemetery, which is located next to what used to be the Compton House. The Cemetery is surrounded by a wrought iron fence, and is well maintained. The Compton Family resided in the area from 1876 until 1958 and made a living from farming.


Kara Bowman


Clifton, Virginia

Clifton, previously named Devereux Station, was founded in 1869.  

Compton Family

Felix Compton, of Alexandria married Eloise Fairfax, of Fairfax, on December 14, 1871.  

The family then settled in Clifton, Virginia, in 1876.  They purchased land from John and Mary Elgin, whose family cemetery is across the street.

Felix and Eloise had 11 children:

George, William, Harry, Eppa, Perry, Rebecca, Lucy, Mittie, Julian, Virginia, and Earl. 


Compton Family House

Felix and Eloise Compton settled in Clifton in December of 1876 after purchasing land from John and Mary Elgin.  

They built their home on this property, and after the death of Felix and Eloise Compton, it was auctioned off to a Mr. James H. Lewis in 1919. According to the notice in the Fairfax Herald, the property was 34 acres, 1 road, and 11 poles.    

Then, in 1920, William Compton, the oldest surviving son, purchased the property.  However, he sold the property just a year later in October of 1921 to a Ms. Amanda Detwiler.  

In 1927, Mr. Perry F. Compton, son of Felix and Eloise Compton, bought the property.  It was still 34 acres at this time.  Mr. Perry Compton tore down the existing structure, leaving the only foundation.  He then built the house that still exists today. Upon his death in 1956, the house was sold to the Peterson Family.  

Later, the land was subdivided into 5 acre lots.  However, the cemetery remained neutral property.

In 1977, William and Helen Ackerman purchased the house the Compton Family once resided in.  They are currently residing here.  


This page contains maps of Fairfax County, specifically the clifton area and the Compton Family Cemetery.