Quantico Baptist Church Cemetery


Quantico Baptist Church Cemetery is located on the corner of Aden Road and Joplin Road in Prince William County, Virginia.  Tombstones dates range from 1897-1924 and mostly consists of members of the Payne and Arnold families.  The men in both families were primarily farmers.  The church itself no longer stands.  Only a single support beam and foundation stones remain.  The pastor of Quantico Baptist was elder William M. Smoot.  His followers were commonly known as the "Smootites".


Dan Weber


Church Cemetery

Tombstones at Quantico Baptist Church Cemetery.  There are ten tombstones present which consists mostly of the Payne and Arnold families.  The cemetery at present is in decent condition; tombstones are upright, little shrubbery and trash/debris is minimal.  However, this was not always the case.  As photographs from 1981 show, the cemetery was extremely neglected. 


Documets that deal with the people buried in the cemetery; wills, census, death records etc.  These primary sources help give a better understanding to the people buried in Quantico Baptist Church Cemetery.