St. Paul's Cemetery


In 1887, construction of a small chapel was begun. St. Paul's Chapel was consecrated by Bishop White in 1889. St. Paul's mission was formally connected with the Episcopal Falls Church until 1905, when it was remitted back to the Seminary. St. Paul's continued under the jurisdiction of the Virginia Theological Seminary for the next four decades.

   In 1950, St. Paul's was admitted as a Mission Church. A new location was secured between Church and Payne Streets (St. Paul's current location). Bishop Gibson dedicated the church in 1954 and the congregation moved in in 1955.


Katelan Herndon



St. Paul's Cemetery contains 70 head and foot stones. The cemetery runs on an East to West direction with all headstones facing South.

The Ridgeway Family

In St Paul's Cemetery there is a single marker for two little girls that died a week a part in 1927. None of their other family is burried in the cemetery.