Willcoxon/Farr Cemetery


The Willcoxon/Farr families are two that are very important to the history of Fairfax. This exhibit will discuss the family members buried at the cemetery and their significance.  



Rezen Willcoxon

The patriarch of the Willcoxon Family in regards to its relationship to Fairfax. He was a verteran of the war of 1812, though he saw only a month of active duty before the war was over. He lived in Blenheim, an estate that is very important to Fairfax history and was added to the National Registrar Of Historic Places

Gravestone, Betsey Willcoxon, Blenheim, Tavern, Tavern 1932

Albert T. Willcoxon

Albert was the son of Rezen Willcoxon and worked the closest with him on his farm. When Rezen died, Albert took over most of the land and rebuilt Blenheim which burned in 1855, the year of Rezen's death. Like his farmer, Albert worked as a farmer and even supplied confederate troops with goods. He was very well off as can be seen in the 1860 census.