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A family tree of the Hicks family surrounding William H. Hicks based on data from censuses.

An account in Arlington Historical Magazine, matching the account in the Genealogical Society's "Graveyards of Arlington County, Virginia".

Described in the Lee Highway Association's book concerning Lee Highway in 1926, the Zero Milestone is a monument on the south lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, the landmark from which all highways radiating from the city are measured. This…

The result of the court case concerning the condemnation of the land of (among others) Theodore Hicks, resulting in the movement of William H. Hicks' gravestone from the Hicks Cemetery in Herndon to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Herndon. Theodore…

A map, drawn by myself, of what appears to be the portion of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery occupied by the remains of the Hicks Family Cemetery.

The census records of 1920 that include documentation of Susanna Hicks' household (with William H. having passed away in 1912), with children William H. Junior, John H., Robert L., and Theodore listed.

The 1910 Census, including records of William H. Hicks (spelled or written as "Licks"), wife Susanna, and sons William H. Jr., John H., Robert, and Theodore. Due to the penmanship of the census taker, most of the document is illegible.

The 1900 census, including documentation of William H. Hicks, wife Susan (Susanna), sons William H. Jr., and John H., and boarder Grant Askins.

The earliest available documentation of William H. Hicks, living with his parents and siblings (the same parents and siblings listed on the family tree of the Quick/Gibson family), living with father William, mother Mary, sisters Jane…

The Quick/Gibson Family Tree's entry for William H. Hicks on The birthday, siblings, and date of death are consistent with census records, and following the census records indicates that he is the same William H. Hicks whose gravestone…
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