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Family Tree using post-it notes :)

1800 slave sch.jpg
80 Female Black
50 Male Black
45 Male Black
40 Male Black
35 Female Black
26 Male Black
25 Male Black
18 Male Black
15 Male Black
8 Male Black
6 Female Mulatto
6 Female Black
5 Female Mulatto
5 Male Mulatto

Map mount vernon .jpg
This map of Mount Vernon gives a good idea of the roads and lengths of travel the Scotts took when traveling to Mount Vernon from Alexandria

His second time running for Delegate to the Assembly, Richard won the Federalist ticket by 7 votes

The court went to case over the $73 dollars that needed to be paid for rent. The initial property was owned by George Washington, and in the initial agreement it states that whoever is living on the land must pay the initial owner.

Gardener .jpg
A neighbor to George Washington, Scott frequently sold his Peach trees to Mount Vernon. After the death of George Washington, Scott employed the former German gardener of Mount Vernon; John C. Ehlers. 

farmington map.jpg
This map shows the 600 acre property of the Farmington Plantation

old cem .jpg
From the looks of this picture, the cemetery is almost impossible to find. Since the article in the newspaper, the cemetery has been very well maintained.

13 January
10 o'clock am This day and house terminates a twelve months of the most unhappy year of my life... the first anniversary of my wretched widowed state- O Lord grant that the thoughts of Eternity and the happiness awaiting the Righteous…

Accurate map of the cemetery
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