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Mayfield and Ivy Chimney photo.jpg
This photo is of Dr. William B. Day's primary practice and residence in Dranesville, VA. Mayfield and Ivy Chimney as the house was called, stood on approximately 20 acres of land and was home to Dr. Day, his wife Emily, and their eight children.…

Battle of Dranesville .jpg
The Battle of Dranesville took place on December 20th, 1861 in the vicinity of Dranesville, VA (now the greater Great Falls region) between Union Brigadier General Edward Ord and Confederate Brigadier General J.E.B. Stuart. This map in particular…

Francis Coffer Wright.JPG
This headstone could by the headstone of Francis Coffer Wright, because the date of death are about the same. However, there is no name printed on the headstone. However, what can truly be gleaned from looking at this stone is that the amount of…

Pearson Headstone.JPG
The Grave of Charles T. Pearson and his wife Sarah. Charles was the eldest of the four children who claimed to be fathered by Francis Coffer. Charles appeared in open court and testified that Francis Coffer had been his father. This opened the door…


Pearson Court Case 1.JPG
In 1908 the Halley family sued the Pearson family over possession of the property upon which the cemetery now stands. This particular ad actually is meant to alert the defendants of the impending lawsuit, and to call them to court.


Frank Coffer Pearson.JPG
This is a newspaper clipping of Frank Coffer Pearson's obituary. Frank Coffer Pearson was apparently a descendant of Charles T. Pearson who was the eldest of the Pearson brothers to inherit Francis Coffer's Estate.


Edgewater Petition.JPG
During the Edgewater court case, several descendants of those buried in the Pearson Family cemetery signed this petition. The significance of this document is it reveals actual living descendants of the Little Zion Baptist Community.


Edgewater Court Case.JPG
In the early 1990's there was a court case enacted to stop the renovation of the property on which the Pearson family cemetery stands. The reason that this is important is that the renovations are also apparently the reason for why there are a few…


This is the completed structure of Washington Dulles International Airport. The land is barely recognizable from the farmland it was previously.

This image shows homes being burned down in order to open the land to construct Dulles.
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