The Family Cemeteries of Northern Virginia

This website highlights the research of undergraduate students in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University. Their research is focused on the family cemeteries of Northern Virginia and is constantly evolving as they work in local archives, libraries, and historic sites. To date, students have added more than 1,000 unique items to the database.

Recently Added Items

Pinder ends 37 years of permanence


The articles conveys that the church raised over $100,000 as a 'love offering' to send him off to Maine, so he can build a sailboat, something he…

Puppets at the Flower Mart

Screenshot (15).png

Not only does the church host events to help members of the community, but it also hosts events that bring members together for the purpose of…

Good Samaritan Day

Screenshot (14).png

The church's website has an events tab that allows for community members, as well as anyone on the Internet, to know of different events that the…

Lewinsville Presbyterian Church (1915)


This photo of the Lewinsville Presbyterian Church was taken in 1915 after the 1908 renovation. This image demonstrates the evolution of the church's…

Honoring a Congregation's Rich Heritage


Frank Gapp, a local historian, applied for a historical marker to signify that the Lewinsville Presbyterian Church had a major role in American…