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Chapman Family Cemetery

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The Chapman Family Cemetery is located in Prince William County, Virginia on Bull Run Mountain in the northwestern corner of the county near the towns…

Contributors: Mills Kelly

Chestnut Grove Cemetery (Hutchison Family)


Chestnut Grove Cemetery is located in the Town of Herndon, just past Herndon High School on Dranesville Road. It was founded in 1872 to serve as a new…

Contributors: Michael Williams

Chestnut Grove Cemetery (Presgraves Family)


Chestnut Grove Cemetery is located on Dranesville Road in Herndon, Virginia. The cemetery occupies over 20 acres of land and contains both old and…

Contributors: Alex Sliwoski

Chichester Family Cemetery

William Sydnor Chichester.JPG

The Chichester Family Cemetery is located off of Newington Road in Newington, VA.

Contributors: Faiza Mirza

Compton Family Cemetery

Compton Fam Cemetery.JPG

The Compton Family Cemetery is located on Henderson Road in Clifton Virginia. There are 10 members of the Compton Family buried in this cemetery,…

Contributors: Kara Bowman

Davis/Lewis Family Cemetery


The Davis/Lewis Family Cemetery is located in Fairfax County inside of Fountainhead Regional Park. The cemetery is surrounded by a rod iron fence, and…

Contributors: Corey Smith

Davis/Marshall Family Cemetery


Contributors: Douglass Kastens, Paulina Gregorowicz

Frying Pan Meeting House Cemetery


A collection of items connected to the Frying Pan Meeting House Cemetery in Herndon, Va

Contributors: Alex Delaney

Frying Pan Park Baptist Cemetery


Godfrey Family Cemetery

The resting place of William and Joseph Godfrey, two brothers who fought in the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy. The cemetery is located in…

Contributors: Brady Herr