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This is a hand drawn map of the Compton Family Cemetery. The Cemetery is enclosed by a wrought iron fence and is roughly 30 x 30. To the left is a line of trees, and on the other side of the trees is the house in which the Comptons resided. In front…

Chicken Thief Trial.png
This article from the Washington Post describes how the Virginia Court of Appeals reversed and demanded a retrial for Perry Lee Compton.

It was found that the chicken house that he stole from could not be considered part of the dwelling because…

Jail with Son .png
In this article from the Washington Post, Perry Lee Compton received two additional years on his sentence for bringing his 2 sons, both minors, along during his chicken raid.

He was given two years for "contributing to the delinquency of…

PLC Charges .png
This article in the Washington Post describes the indictment of Perry Lee Compton on charges for housebreaking and grand larceny.

Over a nine month period Compton and several others stole various items including a cow and chickens.

In the…

P.L.C. Obit.png
This is the obituary for Perry Lee Compton, son of Perry F. Compton, in the Washington Times on January 12, 1980.

Reform School.jpg
This is an image from the Fairfax Herald that states that Perry Lee Compton, son of Perry F. Compton, was arrested for the stealing of a bike. He was found guilty and was sent to the State Reform School until the age of 21.

Perry F. Obit.jpg
This is the obituary for Mr. Perry F. Compton, son of Felix and Eloise Compton, who died in 1956.

He is the father to Perry Lee Compton and grand-father to Perry Lee Compton Jr.

P.F.C. Buys House.jpg
This is an image of a news article that states that Mr. Perry Compton has bought a home in Clifton from Ms. Amanda Detwiler.

The house he bought was the house in which he grew up in.

Leroy Compton .jpg
This is a picture of the obituary for Leroy Compton from the Fairfax Herald in 1909.

It states:

"We extend to Mr. and Mrs. Makely our deepest sympathy in the loss of their child; also to Mr. and Mrs. Perry Compton in the loss of a child, both…

Compton Fam Cemetery.JPG
This is a picture of the Compton Family Cemetery.
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