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Rev. Franklin B. Gillespie says that the Christians part of this congregation are a group of people that are always fighting for the Lord.

The Presbyterian Historical Society published a small page about the Lewinsville Presbyterian Church with this photo as well as limited information about the founding of the church.

The map has limited information as a map, lacking direction, a scale and details of other plots than the famous founders. It also has information regarding the founding of the church as well as notable burials.

Mother to Emma F and grandmother to Eugene, Nina, M. Olive, and Cora Virginia. No sign of her husband being buried with them, and I am currently unsure why that is the case.

This is the overall layout of this particular branch of the Garrett Family. The overall family headstone is in the middle of the family's plot and the family members spread out around the larger stone.

Daughter of Emma F and Albert T and sister of Eugene, Nina, and Cora Virginia. She lives to be 93, which is impressive considering the lifespan of the other members of her family. I am unsure at this point if she was married and had any children and…

Daughter of Emma F and Albert T and sister to M. Olive, Eugene, and Cora Virginia. Like her brother she died the same year she was born, I am currently unsure if it is the same reason as her brother's death or something unrelated. It may be just a…

Eugene died the same year he was born, not yet sure what the cause of death was. He is the son of Albert T and Emma F and the brother of Nina, Cora Virginia, and M. Olive.

Cora is the daughter of Emma F and Albert T and the sister of Nina, Eugene, and M. Olive. If she was married, there is no sign of the husband being buried with the rest of the family.

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Wife to Albert T, and mother to Eugene, Nina, Cora Virginia, and M. Olive. Also buried with her mother, Eliza E. Ewers. I am also assuming she was an early member of the church since she was born a couple of years after the church's foundation and…
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