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1840 census.jpg
This is the 1840 census record that shows F. F. (Francis Fitzhugh) Ratcliffe's household. It shows there were two males from the ages of 5-10 which questions if Laura had another brother that died early other than John. Also shows 1 male between the…

1850 census next page.jpg
This is a copy of the 1850 census which lists Samuel Birch and the members of his family. The second page has a son listed as well.

1850 census ann presgraves.jpg
This census was taken in 1850 in Loudoun County. Ann Presgraves is listed at age 31. She does not have a listed job, but was born in Virginia.

1850 census.jpeg
This is the 1850 Census record which shows Arin (Ann M) Ratcliffe at age 47 with John (21), Cora (16), and Laura (14)

1850 census.jpg
The 1850 Federal Census of the Centreville District of Fairfax County, VA. Includes information on the family of George Parker and Jane Ellen Kidwell.

This is the 1850 Federal Census Record for William Gooding. It shows his age at 81 years.

1860 census.jpg
A number of photographs of pages from the 1860 census. They list details regarding the Willcoxon Estate including, birth and death notes, genealogical information, crops grown on the estate, livestock and slaves.

1860 census.jpg
This is the 1860 Census Record which shows the people living under the Ratcliffe house under row #17. In order, we have:
Ann M. Ratcliffe, age 53, widow
C. L. (Cora) Ratcliffe, age 25, lady
L. F. (Laura) Ratcliffe, age 23
John R. Ratcliffe, age…

1860 - Ann Presgraves.tiff
This census was taken on June 27, 1860 and shows Ann Presgraves to be 41 years old. She has no known occupation based on this document. Her personal estate value appears to be $2,670. Ann is listen under "12" on the image.

1860 census john thomas presgraves.jpg
This census was taken on June 27, 1860 in the Loudoun County. John Thomas is listed at age 27 wife his wife Sarah (25) and their children Eugene (5), ida (3) and James (8 months). John works as a farmer and was born in Loudoun County. Sarah was born…
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