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This map shows a farm in Loudoun County. This was what much of the area looked like prior to Dulles Airport.

pleasant valley relation to dulles.png
This map shows the location of the community of Pleasant Valley in relation to that of Dulles. It is apparent that Pleasant Valley was very close to Dulles and as a result the community had to be moved to accommodate the airport.

This map shows the location of Washington Dulles International Airport in relation to the original communities around it. Shown on the map, is farms that were on the land Dulles now occupies and historical homes and dwellings that were affected by…

Loudoun County Va under Lieut. JN Macomb.jpg
This map was published in 1861 and details Loudoun County. Rivers and towns are labeled. It was compiled under Lieutenant Macomb who was under General George McClellan in the Army of the Potomac.

This is a segment of a map showing the lands belonging to Thomas Lord Fairfax. It shows the land between the Rappahannock and Potowmack rivers.

The 1930 Census, includes more information about Reuben Nash and the relationship to his neighbors the Bramells and the Pattersons. The census indicates Ralph Nash to be the son of Reuben and Mary C Nash.

The 1900 Census record shows that Reuben Nash is now the head of his household. He is married to Mary C Nash (Mary Penny Nash). They have several children and live near the Patterson family. It notes that the Nash Family are African American.

The 1860 US census record for Occoquan Virginia.
Gives information about Reuben Nash, including his age, the size of his family, and who his neighbors were.

This document shows the way in which James Oliver divided his land among his children. He requested that 1/2 acre of the land designated to his daughter Octavia be reserved as a plot for a family graveyard. The Oliver/Thompson Family Cemetery is…

This map shows the division of Fairfax and Loudoun counties when Loudoun was created out of the western portion of Farifax. Broad Run is shown on this map, as is the Broad Run Church, which is presumably where the Presgraves would have gone, as…
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