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Grimsley Family Cemetery

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The Grimesley Family Cemetery is located near the corner of Mulberry Bottom Lane and Saratoga drive between two suburban homes. The Grimesley Family…

Contributors: Teddy Castillo

Groveton Confederate Cemetery

3 sentence description of the cemetery.

Hicks Family Cemetery


The Hicks Family Cemetery, in Arlington County, Virginia, as located between North 22nd Street and Lee Jackson Memorial Highway (Route 29),…

Contributors: Martin Bonica

Jermantown Cemetery, Fairfax, Virginia

Various pictures of headstones in the Jermantown Cemetery in Fairfax, Virginia.

Contributors: Julia Whatley

Kincheloe Family Cemetery


The cemetery is located at 7821 Kincheloe Road in Clifton, Virginia. The Kincheloe family are early settlers of Northern Virginia having immigrated…

Contributors: Kyle Roll

Laura Ratcliffe-Hanna Cemetery


Linton Family Cemetery


This cemetery is located in Bristow off Linton Hall Road. This cemetery is very well maintained and is owned by the surrounding neighborhood.

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Nash Family Cemetery


Nash Family Cemetery, located at 2091 Potomac Mills Circle, Woodbridge, Prince William County Virginia. It is located on a hill between Potomac Mills…

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Oliver/Thompson Family Cemetery


This collection features a variety of items relating to those buried in the Oliver/Thompson Family Cemetery. The Oliver/Thompson Family Cemetery is…

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Pearson Family

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In 1865, the Pearson family made a claim for a piece of property left to them by their former slave owner. Ever since then the Pearsons have fought…

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