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Hicks Family Cemetery


The Hicks Family Cemetery, in Arlington County, Virginia, as located between North 22nd Street and Lee Jackson Memorial Highway (Route 29), immediately west of Glebe Road. At some point between June 1959 and "shortly after" 1965, the cemetery's contents (six gravestones) were relocated to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Herndon, Virginia (Fairfax Survey Number FX1284). Of these gravestones, the only one totally identifiable is that of William H. Hicks, the father of Theodore Hicks, who owned the property when it was destroyed.


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William H. Hicks Marker
William H.
Died Oct. 15, 1912
Aged 48 Years
Loved In Life, In Death Remembered

Headstone faces west.

Unidentified, Unrelated Hicks Marker
(Illegible) Hicks
Died Dec 23, 1926

Faces east. Census records do not indicate the existence of a relative of William H. Hicks whose death date and name correspond with these markings, nor does the survey's account of the graves moved from the…

Untitled Hicks Marker #1
One of two unmarked grave markers in the section of the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery that appears to be occupied by the headstones moved from the Hicks Family Cemetery. This marker has no information on it beyond the name of the church, and…

Destroyed Marker
A destroyed headstone in the vicinity of the William H. Hicks marker at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, potentially from the Hicks Cemetery.

(Possible) William Henry Hicks, Jr. Marker
About a foot north of the William H. Hicks headstone is a smaller one, marked "W. H. H."; possibly the headstone of the senior Hicks' son, William Henry Hicks Jr., who died in December 1935 (although this is not mentioned in the information…

Hicks Cemetery Headstones
The area surrounding and including the William H. Hicks gravestone at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church cemetery, including the aforementioned gravestone, four unidentifiable markers, and what is possibly the gravestone of son William Henry Hicks…

Road Map of Area Surrounding Hicks Cemetery
An airline map of streets in Arlington and Alexandria, including the street layout of where the Hicks cemetery would have been located. The cemetery would have been to the north of 22nd Street North, to the west of the intersection with Lee Highway.

Account Of Hicks Cemetery
Page 45 of "Graveyards of Arlington County", compiled by the Arlington Genealogy Club, containing Lucy Belle Hicks Coates' (possibly inaccurate) account of the movement of the Hicks Cemetery to Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and references to the…

Lee Highway: Spanning the Continent...
A book created and published by the Lee Highway Association in the year 1926, describing the history and importance of Lee Highway, the first highway to connect the east and west coasts of America (and also the highway which, after being expanded in…

Satellite View of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery
A satellite view of the current location of the Hicks gravestones at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Herndon, Virginia (the area surrounding William H. Hicks' gravestone is circled).
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