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The Shirley Cemetery


The Shirley Cemetery is a small cemetery located in the Gateway Shopping Center in Gainesville, VA (Prince William County). This cemetery is the final resting place of Richard O. Shirley and his wife, Susan Shirley, along with his daughter Mary Catherine Shirley/Wharton. She is buried next to an unknown person, but it is presumably her second husband. There are about eleven unmarked headstones located here as well.

The Shirley's owned a tavern in the Gainesville area back in the early to mid 19th century, as well as about 400 acres of land. The tavern was used to accommodate travelers along the Warrenton/Alexandria turnpike, and was also used as a stagecoach changing point. It was also viewed as the model for how taverns were supposed to be.

To record, there is one surviving blood relative to Richard and Susan Shirley. It is because of Randolph Shirley Clark's efforts that the cemetery still remains in tact today. Upon research, the cemetery rests on part of the Shirley's land, which concludes that the shopping center now resides on the property.


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