The Warring Methodist

Pvt. Richard (Dick) "Foghorn" Moran is buried at this site.  Moran was a member of the 43rd Va. Cavalry and leading member of the "Mosby's Rangers", and unit of Confederate partisan Rangers operating in Northern Virginia from early 1863 to the end of the Civil War.  He was an early recruit to the group and likely its oldest member when he joined Mosby's command.  The tall cavalryman was a key scout and spy and well-known for his loud voice, described as similar to a foghorn.

- Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority

Mosby's Rangers

The 43rd Battallion, Virginia Cavalry (Mosby's Men) were formed on June 10, 1863 and took orders directly from President Davis, Gen. Robert E. Lee, and Gen. J.E.B. Stuart.  They raided Union supply trains, wagons, and outposts in order to disrupt and demoralize the Union cavalry outside of Washington.  The rangers relied on many homeowners in the south, who would allow Mosby's men to hide out in and supply Mosby's rangers.  These safehouse owners would become known as "Mosby's Confederacy".These rangers would also raid Union sympathizers for more supplies.  More info.

Skirmish at Miskel's Farm

Leading up to the fight that occured on Miskel's Farm, Mosby had attempted to raid a Union post at Dranesville, however those who manned the post had left the post a day earlier.  Mosby then camped at the farm of Thomas and Lydia Miskel.  Captain Henry Flint, alerted by a local woman, went to capture Mosby, and were able to follow his tracks towards the farm, soon stopping at a house to ask about the location of the farm.  Luckily for Mosby, one of his men, Dick "Foghorn" Moran, was staying at the house at the time, and was able to head off to warn Mosby.  Once warned, Mosby woke his men up and urged them to bridle and mount their horses.  Capt. Flint, immediately upon arrival, ordered a saber charge, although his men were armed with carbines as well.  During this initial charge, Capt. Flint was shot and killed.  After all of the Union troops had entered the farmyard, one of Mosby's rangers closed the gate to leave, and soon Flint's lieutenant was also shot.  The Union lines broke, some were able to finally break open the gate and flee, but many were forced to surrender in the farmyard.  

The Warring Methodist