Pinn Family Cemetery

The Pinn Family cemetery is made of members of the Pinn, Stokes and Bailey Families, of Manassas Virginia. The cemetery is surrounded by townhomes deep in the pockets of Prince William Counties vast Suburbia. There are 11 known members of these three families buried there today, some rest in marked graves and some without. The oldest marker belongs to Howison and Patti Pinn, husband and wife. The other memebers that have marked graves are Addison Bailey, Hannah Bailey, Addison G. Bailey, James Curtis and his wife Lucy Curtis. The graves that are no longer legible belonged to Francis Montgomery Stokes, Herbert le Stokes, Hubbard lee Francis Stokes and one that is unidentified. 

The graveyard lies on their property's eastern edge, known as Paradise Plantation. They obtained this property in the 1850's giving them a front row seat to the first battle of the civil war.

Following the civil war Howison Pinn's son became an advocate when he started pushing on local judges for not allowing free men of color to serve on juries. His documented public life was short lived but the life he lived before his death was relativly well endowed.


Courtney Marie Jones and Travis Pinn