Thompson Family Cemetery

This is an exhibit of the tombstones in Thompson Family Cemetery. I chose this cemetery because it is only a few minutes of driving from both the Fairfax campus and from my home. It is a half-acre hill surrounded by supermarkets, a Wells Fargo Bank, and a gas station. In the words of Alfred Thompson: “a little green oasis floating on a sea of asphalt.” It is a pity to see some of the headstones being ill-maintained and have almost collapsed. However, a few of them are still standing firmly, including the John Compton Tobin, Laura Virginia Tobin, and Amanda Abigail Tobin’s tomb, and the tombstone of Armistead Thompson, a Confederate veteran that had fought in Gettysburg, and got captured and died as a POW after 17 months of imprisonment at 27 years of age. 


Shunzhi Wang