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Brown's Memorial Cemetery

The Brown's Memorial Cemetery, deeded in 1930 by Herbert Brown, is located just off of Leesburg Pike in Drainesville, Virginia.  It is a two acre plot that includes a fenced in 75'x75' plot reserved for the Brown family, their spouses, and their children.  There are a total of 33 graves inside of the iron fence, with 6 others just outside of the fence.  Although most of the headstones have no additional information about the people buried other than their names and dates of birth and death, there are two headstones that have additional elements.  Most notably, the headstone belonging to Russell C. Wintersteen bears a Masonic emblem.  This emblem led me to do more research on the Freemasons, which shaped my argument for my research paper about racism within fraternal organizations in the United States.  

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