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Hand-drawn map showing the grounds and gravestones located in Frying Pan Cemetery, Herndon, VA.

obannon family tree.png
O'Bannon Family Tree tracing the family's ancestry from Henry J. O'Bannon to Bryon Boru O'Bannon's immigration from Ireland.

Mortimer Lane Pension.jpg
Document from the U.S. Confederate Pensions 1884-1958 for Mortimer Lane.

m.Lane obituary.JPG
Obituary from the Fairfax Herald, July 8th, 1910 detailing the death of Mortimer Lane, Buried in Frying Pan Baptist Cemetery

Article from the Fairfax herald March 25, 1887 detailing the death of Lucy Ann Bennett, wife to Hudson Bennett.

John C bennett.JPG
Article from the Alexandria Gazette Sept 3, 1874 on a dispute between John C. Bennett and William Wren.

H.O\'bannon slaves.JPG
Image taken from the 1860 Slave Schedules for Loudoun Co., Va. Shows that Henry J. O'Bannon owned one female slave, aged 12.

Satellite map showing the location of Frying Pan Parka and Cemetery.

1850 Tax Map showing the boundaries for land owned by Hudson Bennett (2 of 2)

1850 Tax Map showing the property boundaries for land owned by Hudson Bennett in Fairfax Co. (1 of 2)
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