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Groveton Confederate Cemetery

3 sentence description of the cemetery.

Thompson Family Cemetery

This is a collection of items about the Thompson Family Cemetery and the people buried there.

Contributors: Shunzhi Wang

Godfrey Family Cemetery

The resting place of William and Joseph Godfrey, two brothers who fought in the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy. The cemetery is located in…

Contributors: Brady Herr

Pinn Family Cemetery

This collection of items holds the history and captured images of the Pinn Family cemetery.

Contributors: Courtney Jones and Travis Pinn

Jermantown Cemetery, Fairfax, Virginia

Various pictures of headstones in the Jermantown Cemetery in Fairfax, Virginia.

Contributors: Julia Whatley

Chestnut Grove Cemetery (Presgraves Family)


Chestnut Grove Cemetery is located on Dranesville Road in Herndon, Virginia. The cemetery occupies over 20 acres of land and contains both old and…

Contributors: Alex Sliwoski

Pearson Family

Francis Coffer Wright.JPG

In 1865, the Pearson family made a claim for a piece of property left to them by their former slave owner. Ever since then the Pearsons have fought…

Contributors: Graham Most

The Shirley Cemetery

The Shirley Cemetery is a small cemetery located in the Gateway Shopping Center in Gainesville, VA (Prince William County). This cemetery is the final…

Contributors: Olivia A. Valentine

West End Cemetery

Headstones, Markers, Maps and Census documents all pertaining to the West End Cemetery and its inhabitants. The land was originally deeded by Harmon…

Contributors: Kelly Fox

Oliver/Thompson Family Cemetery


This collection features a variety of items relating to those buried in the Oliver/Thompson Family Cemetery. The Oliver/Thompson Family Cemetery is…

Contributors: Kendra Prasad