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Isabelle Lewis and James W. Lewis were both William and Jane Lewis' children that died at a young age. Isabelle lived from 1853-1855 and James lived from 1857-1863.

Fairfax Country Birth Registry providing information about the birth of William Lewis' children Isabella and James.

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Fairfax County Marriage Registry showing the proof of Cordelia and Henry Lewis marriage, and also the date on which they got married.

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Cordelia Davis' is the daughter-in-law to William Lewis and Jane Davis Lewis. She married one of their son Henry R. Lewis. She was born on April 3rd, 1874 and died on October 2nd, 1923.

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Jane S. Davis Lewis was the wife of William Lewis, and the other head of the household. The headstone says that she was born on May 23, 1832 and lived until May 23 1912 making her 80 years old when she died, and far out living her husband.

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This headstone could by the headstone of Francis Coffer Wright, because the date of death are about the same. However, there is no name printed on the headstone. However, what can truly be gleaned from looking at this stone is that the amount of…

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The Grave of Charles T. Pearson and his wife Sarah. Charles was the eldest of the four children who claimed to be fathered by Francis Coffer. Charles appeared in open court and testified that Francis Coffer had been his father. This opened the door…


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In 1908 the Halley family sued the Pearson family over possession of the property upon which the cemetery now stands. This particular ad actually is meant to alert the defendants of the impending lawsuit, and to call them to court.


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This is a newspaper clipping of Frank Coffer Pearson's obituary. Frank Coffer Pearson was apparently a descendant of Charles T. Pearson who was the eldest of the Pearson brothers to inherit Francis Coffer's Estate.


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During the Edgewater court case, several descendants of those buried in the Pearson Family cemetery signed this petition. The significance of this document is it reveals actual living descendants of the Little Zion Baptist Community.


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