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This document shows the way in which James Oliver divided his land among his children. He requested that 1/2 acre of the land designated to his daughter Octavia be reserved as a plot for a family graveyard. The Oliver/Thompson Family Cemetery is…

Octavia Oliver Swink was the second owner of the Oliver/Thompson Family Cemetery land once it was given to her by her father, James Oliver. In 1916, Octavia went to the court to complain about a new road that was to be built, by the order of some of…

This is the field marker of Walter Tansill Oliver (1873-1932). It is the largest and most prominent structure in the cemetery and is shared with Lewis (1847-1901) and Lucretta Oliver (b. 1846).

This is the headstone of William Stanton Oliver, son of James Oliver, who died on April 6, 1898. The inscription reads, "HE GIVETH US BELOVED SLEEP."

This is the headstone of James Oliver, one of the first settlers to the Great Falls area. James Oliver split his land among his many children and requested that 1/2 acre of land be set aside to be a family graveyard.

This is a photo of the Oliver/Thompson Family Cemetery in Great Falls, Virginia. James Oliver bought 633 acres of land from Eli Offutt for $2,303.75 on September 29, 1836. He then requested that 1/2 acre of this land, land that he designated to his…
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