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Jesse Harris, the son of Jesse Harris, was the manager of a farm just like his father. In 1920, he was 64 years old and lived in Centreville, Virginia with his wife, Lucy, and son Jessie Jr. His wife is labeled as a laborer.

Jesse Harris and his sons Obed, Jesse, and George Harris lands

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This document provides the claim made by Jesse Harris and Charles Ratcliffe, who lived on the land and had claim, details how Jesse got the land from Willaim Downs' Heirs. The second page of the wartime damage claim made by Jesse Harris' grandson.…

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This is the wartime damage claim made by Jesse Harris in February 6,1872. Jesse Harris claimed to live in Watertight, which was close to Warrenton Pike for 26 to 27 years. He owned 262 acres and lived there during the war. He was born free and in…

This fencing is the oldest plot on the land and has the tombs of Jesse and his son Obed Harris

A list that includes the birth and death of Jesse Harris. This record also contains information about his son Obed Harris. Includes information about his work as a farmer and his immediate family, which included his wife Mima. In 1861, Jesse was…
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