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1806 Purchase 1.jpg
This 1806 deed of land to Rezen Willcoxon indicates he purchased about 129 acres in the Fairfax area for $900.

1805 Purchase 2.jpg
This deed indicates Rezen Willcoxon and his father Josiah Willcoxon first purchased land in Fairfax in 1805. Much of this original land was in execution of a will and therefore they paid a minimal amount for the approximately 380 acres.

Jesse Harris, the son of Jesse Harris, was the manager of a farm just like his father. In 1920, he was 64 years old and lived in Centreville, Virginia with his wife, Lucy, and son Jessie Jr. His wife is labeled as a laborer.

Lurie S. Harris lived from May 27, 1904-March 27,1983.

Lived from 1908-1981 and was part of the US army in World War II.

Walter lived from August 21, 1894-August 29, 1936

Emmanuel Lee Harris lived from 1945-1992 and was a Vietnam war veteran. He lived in Pennsylvania.

She lived from January 6, 1914-June 22, 1975.

Archie Harris lived from November 27, 1916-June 8, 1997.

Jessie Harris lived from March 9, 1855-July 16, 1931. He was a farmhand to his dad, Jesse Harris according to the 1870 census. His wife Lucy lived from February 10, 1868-April 29, 1930.
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