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Headstone inscribed "B.C."

Unknown date below.

Located in Frying Pan Baptist Church, Herndon, VA.

Published by V.P. Corbett in October 1861, this map of Fairfax County displays where the Trumble Family would later live. Situated between Little River Turnpike and Braddock Road just west of the Accotank line.

About a foot north of the William H. Hicks headstone is a smaller one, marked "W. H. H."; possibly the headstone of the senior Hicks' son, William Henry Hicks Jr., who died in December 1935 (although this is not mentioned in the information…

13 January
10 o'clock am This day and house terminates a twelve months of the most unhappy year of my life... the first anniversary of my wretched widowed state- O Lord grant that the thoughts of Eternity and the happiness awaiting the Righteous…

letter mary .jpg
Jan 13th
On this day for the last sixteen years I have been in habit of recording/anniversary of my wretched widowed state. I am now blessed be God, no longer a widower, since it has please him on the 25th of November last, to bestow on me,…

1805 Purchase 2.jpg
This deed indicates Rezen Willcoxon and his father Josiah Willcoxon first purchased land in Fairfax in 1805. Much of this original land was in execution of a will and therefore they paid a minimal amount for the approximately 380 acres.

1806 Purchase 1.jpg
This 1806 deed of land to Rezen Willcoxon indicates he purchased about 129 acres in the Fairfax area for $900.


This document is a U.S. Federal Census Report with record of James Oliver, the original owner of the Oliver/Thompson Family Cemetery land, and his family alive at the time.

1840 census.jpg
Francis Ratcliffe, the father of the Laura, is on the 4th to bottom of the list of this 1840 census. This census is hard to read but it shows that Laura has a sister that was within the ages of 5-10 considering Laura was 4. Also, she also had two…
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