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1806 Purchase 1.jpg
This 1806 deed of land to Rezen Willcoxon indicates he purchased about 129 acres in the Fairfax area for $900.

1805 Purchase 2.jpg
This deed indicates Rezen Willcoxon and his father Josiah Willcoxon first purchased land in Fairfax in 1805. Much of this original land was in execution of a will and therefore they paid a minimal amount for the approximately 380 acres.

historic fairfax map 2.jpg
This map shows several of the families farming in the Fairfax area during the early to mid 1800's

This is the Willcoxon Tavern built in the early 1800's. It was located in downtown fairfax. It was initially run by the Willcoxon family, but was torn down in 1932 and replaced with a bank.

Union Troops Tavern 1861.jpg
Union Soldiers pose in front of the Willcoxon Tavern in downtown Fairfax.

Picture of the historic Blenheim Estate located at 3610 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA. Once owned by Rezen Willcoxon, and his son Albert T. Willcoxon. It has been established as a historic center due to the numerous poems, drawings, and other written…

1860 census.jpg
A number of photographs of pages from the 1860 census. They list details regarding the Willcoxon Estate including, birth and death notes, genealogical information, crops grown on the estate, livestock and slaves.

Headstone of Capt. Rezen Willcoxon. He built the original house on the Blenheim property in Fairfax, Virginia which burned down in the 1850's. It was rebuilt by his son Albert and remains standing today. Rezen owned about 1000 acres of land in…

Margaret Willcoxon.jpg
The headstone of Margaret Conn Willcoxon. Mother of Capt. Rezen Willcoxon. This is the oldest grave in the Willcoxon-Farr Cemetery. The headstone reads, "Margaret Willcoxon. Departed this life the 6th day of July, 1832 in the 93 year of her age."…

The headstone of Margaret Conn Willcoxon Farr at the Willcoxon-Farr Cemetery. The daughter of Rezen Willcoxon and Elizabeth Betsey DeNeale. She was born in 1820 and died in 1904. Her headstone reads, "In Memory of Margaret Conn Willcoxon wife of…
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